Oily Skin Care; Is There A Better Way?

Published: 15th August 2008
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If there is one thing worse than acne, it has to be oily skin. Millions of individuals are affected by oily skin and the search for the most effective oily skincare products seems as elusive as the Ogopogo.

Our skin normally secretes small amount of oil. This oil is beneficial in more ways than one. It helps to moisturize and also protects against many bacteria from infiltrating the skin. The oil is secreted by small glands located underneath each hair follicle. Except for the palms and soles, all skin surfaces possess these oil secreting glands. These glands are most commonly found on the nose, chin and forehead.

However, in some cases the production of oil does become excessive. Oily skin is often obvious. Besides being a cosmetic problem it can also lead one to lose confidence and self esteem. Many individuals who have oily skin have found this problem to be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Why the oils are secreted in excess is not fully understood but is linked to the genetic makeup and the male sex hormone. Too much of the male sex hormone, dihydrotestosterone and a lot of bad luck appear to be the key causes of this disagreeable cosmetic problem.

Because this oil is a normal part of our daily body function, treatment against excessively oily skin is difficult. While there are many oily skincare products, the majority are not effective.

For some people treatment of oily skin care has been a great disappointment. Many individuals believe that buying the most expensive product on the market is the answer. This is not true. The basics of treating an oily skin should start at home.

You can significantly reduce the amount of oil on the skin using a common sense approach. Wash your face at least 2-3 times a day and wipe gently. Use a non fragrant soap since too many chemicals in the soap can lead to irritation. Just before bedtime, apply a few drops of an astringent and wipe the face with a cotton ball. You may even use lemon juice to clean the skin. If you do get acne, never squeeze or break the pimples. You can end up with a scar and even spread the acne. Worse, dirt can now get inside the broken skin.

On the other hand excessive washing can lead to dry skin. Do not use alcohol based products because even though effective, the alcohol can remove all the oil from the skin and lead to peeling, dryness and blistering. For some people excessive oily skin is associated with certain foods. So try and avoid foods which are rich in fats. Spicy and hot foods can also aggravate oily skin. Once you have tried these basic oily skin care measures you will definitely see a reduction in the grease.

For those who continue to have a greasy skin, the next step is to use an oily skin care cleansing product. Because there are so many oily skincare products out there, it is important to choose the right one. For the most effective treatment, look for oily skin care creams which contain kaolin, shea butter or allantoin. While these products are slightly more expensive, they are proven to work and will save you a lot more money in the long run.

Sally Tyler is a health researcher and writer about anti aging skin care. Visit her site at http://www.antiagingproducts101.com to learn about the latest developments in skin care and rejuvenation.

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